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Hearing Screening Service For Local Daycares in Birmingham AL

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Professional Hearing Screenings for Kids

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Why Hearing Screenings Matter for Kids?

Did you know that early detection of hearing issues can positively impact your child’s language and communication development? According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, periodic screening of all children will help to identify those who were either lost to follow-up or not identified during the newborn period or those who developed hearing loss after the newborn period. 

Why a Speech-Language Pathologists

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) play a role in the screening, speech/language/communication assessment, and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing loss and the referral of individuals suspected of having hearing loss to an audiologist as appropriate. See ASHA’s Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology (ASHA, 2016).

Appropriate roles for speech-language pathologists include:

  • collaborating with audiologists in the development of screening protocols, equipment selection, and quality improvement;
  • performing hearing screenings;
  • referring children who do not pass screenings for audiologic, medical, and/or other professional services as indicated;
  • referring children who are difficult to test to an audiologist;
  • communicating screening results to families, including recommendations for timely follow-up;
  • sharing screening results with appropriate program and/or school representatives, state public health agencies, state EHDI programs for children under 3 years, primary care physicians, and diagnostic audiology centers as indicated;
  • providing counseling and education for families, educators, and other service providers;
  • collaborating with audiologists, school nurses, teachers, physicians, and/or other professionals to ensure appropriate follow-up and outcomes.

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