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Professional Services

At Endless Speech and Language Service you can expect, one-on-one therapy, evidenced-based approaches individualized according to your child’s goals and preferences, and a dedicated caring team.

We Focus On:

  • Identifying a need and seeking early intervention to unlock a child’s full potential in the shortest amount of time.
  • Initial Screening and Evaluation using a variety of diagnostic tools to develop a complete assessment of the child’s current abilities.
  • Consultation in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Instruct clients of techniques for more effective communication.
  • Monitor clients progress and adjust treatment as needed.

Your child may benefit from Speech Therapy if he/she has:

  • Limited vocalization/recognizing common items
  • Trouble asking/answering questions
  • Slurred speech or frustrated when speaking
  • Limited communication with family and friends

Child Find

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We also offer CHILD FIND service for daycares, head start, and private schools. This is a screening service in an effort to locate, identify, and evaluate children who may have a developmental delay.

4 Steps

4 Step Process to Overcoming Speech and Language Impairments 

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